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Creating Loving Relationships

101 Affirmations to Think By
Audio Version

by April Lawler

Now you can listen to over 101 affirmations to help you experience and attracting loving, caring, harmonious relationships into your life.

This audio book gives you 101 seed-thoughts to plant in your fertile mind. And the great part about it is you can take this audio book with you wherever you go to get a constant boost in your spiritual growth. Auditory learning (listening) often speeds up the understanding and absorption of a subject.

All relationships are really reflections of our relationship with ourselves. Perhaps that is why we may notice we seem to be repeating the same experiences with others over and over again. That's because we can never get away from ourselves! And when patterns are repeated, that shows us we haven't changed the way we think about ourselves. Spiritual Principles at work in relationships are Love, Harmony, and Unity.

The best first step in improving our relationships with others is to improve our relationship with ourselves. Trying to make other people change is a (divine) scientific impossibility.

Enjoy this wonderful audio book. We hope it sets you on the correct path of consciously creating Loving Relationships in your life.

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