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We encourage, enhance and advance your personal spiritual growth!

Welcome to all who are on a Spiritual Journey to better awareness of Life and One's Self.

Our e-books, audiobooks, e-courses, teleseminars and multi-media programs provide the thought-kernels that can change your life by changing your consciousness. We are here to help you along your spiritual journey.

In addition to our original books, we have our Heritage Line. These are the hard-to-find pioneering and breakthrough works of the founders and original thinkers in the New Thought Movement.

Based on the Science of Mind and New Thought philosophies, all of the items we offer show you a better way to think about your life and your relationship to Spirit. We are one with the Creator of all things and the co-creator of everything in our lives.

There is an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient principle of goodness -- SPIRIT -- that works through an impersonal, unchanging and universal LAW to create all things. This Divine, Universal Mind is our mind, and we can consciously direct and utilize this creative power with the correct, scientific use of our thoughts and beliefs. Our free sample ebook discusses these principles at greater length. We urge you to try it.

These are timeless, sacred principles meant to be learned by us to bring ease and joy to our lives.

This may shake up your current ideas about spirituality and the nature of God. Open your mind and heart to the possibilities!

“It is done unto you as you believe.”